Deacon of arts & Media

David Roach

Lead Tech Ministry (audio, video, projection, lighting); Assist in identifying ministry needs and recruitment of volunteers; Lead encouragement of media volunteers

deacon of bethesda

christian schools

curt henry

Oversee budgets related to BCS; Chair the advisory team that assists the administrator; Work alongside Pastor Chris and the administrator to see new students attend BCS and to help retain students; Work alongside Pastor Chris and the administrator to help facilitate an atmosphere of excellence, camaraderie, and grace at BCS; Be a voice for teachers and parents by keeping a pulse on the culture of the school

deacon of children

Steve Busch

Oversee security for children and Worship Gathering; Assist in identifying ministry needs and recruitment of volunteers; Lead encouragement of children’s workers; Assist Pastor Eddie with the Vine and Pastor Bryan with Sunday morning children’s ministries; Help identify new Children’s Pastor by July 2018

Deacon of community groups

Eric Hampton

Help to coordinate and facilitate Community Groups; Get current members and new people plugged into Community Groups; Provide encouragement and weekly prayer for Community Group leaders; Help lead quarterly Community Group leader trainings with Pastor Justin; Receive and report on monthly Community Group leader reports to Pastor Justin

Deacon of Facilities

Jared Alsdorf

Recruit volunteers to help with facilities to assist Mike Mlagan; Lead set-up & tear-down of special events (ie. Food Truck Sunday, Open Park Day, etc.); Oversee storage barn; Co-ordinate B2B construction projects, set-up, and tear-down

Deacon of Finance

Mike Davis

Oversee benevolence ministry; Oversee the process of invoice review and payment; Facilitate Finance Committee meet-ings and tasks; Oversee benevolence fund distribution; Communicate via Basecamp benevolence spending and needs; Help facilitate the church’s involvement in care needs, especially of those outside the church; Manage church investments

Deacon of Hospitality

Mike Stefanik

Lead Guest Services including coffee carts; Facilitate Communion (teams, supplies, clean-up); Recruit members to be a part of the hospitality ministry

Deacon of Mercy

Mark Forsythe

Coordinate The Storehouse volunteers; Work alongside Pastor Eddie in getting members connected to “We Heart Brownsburg”; Help facilitate a heart of mercy and compassion in our congregation

Deacon of Missions

Rob Wachter

Serve as Chairman of the Missions Committee; Work alongside Pastor Eddie in the assessment of current missionaries and potential new missionaries; Lead the vision of missions at Bethesda as communicated by the pastors

Deacon of Oversight

Nathan Johns

Hold other deacons accountable and help them; Be official chairman for business with outside entities; Help communicate monthly deacon meeting agenda along with deacon reports for the meetings; Help Pastor Chris moderate deacon meetings and have agenda printed and take minutes to post on Basecamp; Oversee collecting of offering at Worship Gathering

Deacon of Widows

Bruce Crum

Develop a list of widows (outlined in 1 Timothy 5) and lead widow ministry; Lead ministry to shut-ins; Recruit members to be involved in ministry to widows and shut-ins