To help you grow in your relationship with Jesus, we regularly recommend books to encourage you in your relationship with God and your understanding of His Word. Our bookstore provides carefully recom-mended books at a low cost to help you grow. 

Pastor's Picks

Below are recommendations from our pastors of books that will aid in your study, as you seek to know God more each week. They may be purchased in our Bookstore. The following books have been chosen based upon our summer series "Songs of Jesus: A Walk Through the Book of Psalms".

  • Pastor Bryan's Pick - The EsV devotional Psalter

    The Psalms are the only extended portion of Scripture written directly to God as a collection of heartfelt prayers. As such, the layout of the Psalms provides the reader with a wonderful platform for meditation and devotion. The ESV Devotional Psalter pairs each of the Bible's 150 Psalms with brand-new devotional content helping the reader to thoughtfully interact with and pray through the Scriptures. Enrich your devotional life with this unique Scripture-based resource!

  • Pastor Justin's Pick - Family Discipleship

    The Family Discipleship Guide is a free resource for all members of Parkside to help us think strategically about helping our families know God and walk with Him. “Family Discipleship” can sound intimidating, but it’s something that everyone can do! This guide is extremely helpful because it gives lots of practical tools on how to disciple the next generation. Everyone has a role in teaching the next generation to love Jesus, whether you are a parent or not. Because of this, we encourage all of our members to take a copy and work through it. This resource was developed by The Village Church in Texas (where Matt Chandler is a pastor) and is printed by us with their permission.

  • Pastor Chris's Pick - Rejoicing in Lament

    Out of all the books I read last year, this was at the top of my list! Billings holds a doctorate from Harvard, loves Jesus, is married with two little girls and was diagnosed with incurable cancer at age 40. He takes the Psalms of lament, together with Job and Lamentations, and talks about how modern Christianity has failed to embrace this part of Scripture. It is a wonderful balance between great theology and personal life struggle all wrapped up in conversations and wrestling with God! It will give you tools and encouragement to deal with suffering, injustice, and calamity, as well as help those you love through such tragic events.

  • Pastor Steve's Pick - A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23

    The imagery of Psalm 23 is that of Christ caring for His sheep. For those of us who have not been exposed to livestock, especially sheep, we might not grasp how we are in need of a Shepherd to provide, calm, lead, restore, guide, comfort, and protect us. We might think of sheep as peaceful, fluffy animals grazing in a field or jumping over a fence in a mattress commercial. But sheep can be easily frightened, easily aggravated, easily distracted, and often disobedient. Keller takes us on a journey that looks at this imagery from the perspective of someone who was a shepherd. By identifying characteristics of sheep and applying them to mankind, Keller exposes the deep meaning of this Psalm and reinforces our need of the Shepherd, Jesus Christ.