Community Groups

Community Groups are a committed group of God’s people, who are connected to the local church, seek to carry out God’s purposes of community and mission by God’s power, and are motivated by God’s gospel. Our Worship Gathering, Sunday School, and Bible Institute focus on training and equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry. Community Groups, on the other hand, focus on community and mission where the saints do the work of the ministry. They answer questions like, “What does it look like for us to follow Jesus together?” and “What does it look like for us to be missionaries in our community?” For more information about Community Groups, please email the Deacon of Community, Eric Hampton.

2018 Community Group Listings

North Brownsburg

Group #1                                                                           Group # 2

Leader - Steve Ringler                                                     Leader - Gary Buck
Meeting Day - Friday                                                       Meeting Day - Sunday

Group #3                                                                          Group # 4           

Leader - Eric Hampton                                                    Leader - Jerry Adams
Meeting Day - Tuesday                                                   Meeting Day - Wednesday

South Brownsburg

Group #5                                                                         Group #6

Leader - Bruce Crum                                                      Leader - Mike Hartlieb
Meeting Day - Thursday                                                 Meeting Day - Sunday


Group #7

Leader - Greg Mackinnon
Meeting Day - Wednesday


Group #8

Leader - Ryan Schmidt
Meeting Day - Thursday


Group #9

Leader - Justin Cook
Meeting Day - Monday