Deacon of arts & Media

David Roach

Lead Tech Ministry (audio, video, projection, lighting); Assist in identifying ministry needs and recruitment of volunteers; Lead encouragement of media volunteers

deacon of bethesda

christian schools

curt henry

Oversee budgets related to BCS; Chair the advisory team that assists the administrator; Work alongside Pastor Chris and the administrator to see new students attend BCS and to help retain students; Work alongside Pastor Chris and the administrator to help facilitate an atmosphere of excellence, camaraderie, and grace at BCS; Be a voice for teachers and parents by keeping a pulse on the culture of the school

deacon of children

Ken Phillips

Oversee security for children and Worship Gathering; Assist in identifying ministry needs and recruitment of volunteers; Lead encouragement of children’s workers; Assist with the Vine and Sunday morning children’s ministries

Deacon of community groups

Eric Hampton

Help to coordinate and facilitate Community Groups; Get current members and new people plugged into Community Groups; Provide encouragement and weekly prayer for Community Group leaders; Help lead quarterly Community Group leader trainings with Pastor Justin; Receive and report on monthly Community Group leader reports to Pastor Justin

Deacon of Finance

Mike Davis

Oversee benevolence ministry; Oversee the process of invoice review and payment; Facilitate Finance Committee meet-ings and tasks; Oversee benevolence fund distribution; Communicate via Basecamp benevolence spending and needs; Help facilitate the church’s involvement in care needs, especially of those outside the church; Manage church investments

Deacon of Mercy

Mark Forsythe

Coordinate The Storehouse volunteers; Work alongside Pastor Eddie in getting members connected to “We Heart Brownsburg”; Help facilitate a heart of mercy and compassion in our congregation

Deacon of Missions

Rob Wachter

Serve as Chairman of the Missions Committee; Work alongside Pastor Eddie in the assessment of current missionaries and potential new missionaries; Lead the vision of missions at Bethesda as communicated by the pastors

Deacon of NorthWest Community park

Rod Rumrill

Deacon of Oversight

Nathan Johns

Hold other deacons accountable and help them; Be official chairman for business with outside entities; Help communicate monthly deacon meeting agenda along with deacon reports for the meetings; Help Pastor Chris moderate deacon meetings and have agenda printed and take minutes to post on Basecamp; Oversee collecting of offering at Worship Gathering

Deacon of Widows

Bruce Crum

Develop a list of widows (outlined in 1 Timothy 5) and lead widow ministry; Lead ministry to shut-ins; Recruit members to be involved in ministry to widows and shut-ins