To help you grow in your relationship with Jesus, we regularly recommend books to encourage you in your relationship with God and your understanding of His Word. Our bookstore provides carefully recom-mended books at a low cost to help you grow. 

HOw Parkside does Family Ministry.

Parkside had the incredible opportunity to hear Jim and Susan Cook present on how they have found effective ways to communicate with children in ministry. They have done children's ministry all over the world and brought a wealth of knowledge that you did not want to miss out on. Pastor Justin is condensing this class down into six blog posts that will benefit your children's ministry greatly. You can find these blog posts on Pastor Justin's own blog.

Pastor's Picks

Below are recommendations from our pastors of books that will aid in your study, as you seek to know God more each week. They may be purchased in our Bookstore. The following books have been chosen based upon our 1 Corinthians series; "Jesus Loves His Church Despite".

  • CHurch Discipline -- Jonathan Leeman

    Church discipline is not a popular topic in our culture. It is not even a popular topic in the church. Yet it is essential to building a healthy church and quite loving for a church to practice. The goal of church discipline is not slander, harm or pain but rather is always restoration. This is why it is loving for Jesus to have the local church pursue us when we go astray. In this contemporary and concise how-to guide, Leeman provides us with a theological framework for understanding and implementing church discipline. He also gives us several examples of real-life situations and how we should respond.

  • The Treasure principle: Unlocking the secret of joyful giving -- Randy Alcorn

    With the Fall Offering approaching, we need to familiarize ourselves with the Scriptures that speak to the principles of giving. In this short, concise book, Alcorn walks through many passages to teach us the role of money in our life, the joy of giving, the roadblocks to giving, and how to practically work on giving in our lives. This is a fantastic little book that I highly recommend each of our members read and seek to implement the principles as found in the Scriptures.