Parkside's Purpose

Delighting in the Gospel

This is the power of the local church. Delight goes beyond mere doctrinal affirmation and reaches our deepest identity. Our aim is to center lives on the gospel – to rejoice in it. We are to tell this gospel story to ourselves, each other, and the community around us. Everything we do as a church proceeds from, is motivated by, and is because of the gospel. Thus we do not exist to make a name for ourselves or build our kingdom. Rather, we exist for the glory and fame of Jesus Christ and seek to make much of Him and His gospel.


Growing Through Relationships

This is the nature of the local church. We are called to be a community of believers that invest in each other’s lives. We are thus called to BE the church, not to DO church. We prioritize getting people connected, knowing that growth in the gospel happens in community.


Serving Our Community

This is the focus of the local church. We are focused on the west side of Indianapolis, including Brownsburg and surrounding towns. Jesus has called us to be a preservative for this area, the “salt of the earth.” We are to be a just and merciful people who strive to make this area a better place. We pursue this through ministries like The Storehouse, Bethesda Christian Schools, Northwest Community Park, and others.


Sending Into the World

This is the calling of the local church. We are to be a people for God’s own possession who are proclaiming His excellencies to our community and around the world. We don’t just send missionaries around the globe, we celebrate that every member is sent out by Jesus on mission! This means many things, but one key aspect is that we are not in competition with other churches to gain members. Rather, we are working to see the lost come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. While this is certainly accomplished locally, we also have numerous domestic and international ministry partners.

What we believe

1. There is one God, Creator of the universe and all that exists, who eternally exists in three distinct persons who are fully God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

2. All Scripture is inspired by God and is inerrant, authoritative, and sufficient for all things.

3. All humanity is made in the image of God and is also sinful from birth and by action. Therefore, all humanity is spiritually dead and justly remains under the wrath of God.

4. Jesus Christ, eternally God the Son, was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, and is both fully God and fully human.

5. Jesus Christ died in the place of sinful humanity on the cross to pay the penalty of sin and satisfy the wrath of God. He rose bodily from the grave, ascended into Heaven, and will one day return bodily to earth.

6. Only through repentance and trust in the person and redemptive work of Jesus Christ can one be reconciled to God and enter Heaven.

7. Salvation is all an act of God’s grace according to His sovereign purposes and eternal plans and can never be revoked or lost. Salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone for the glory of God alone.

8. There will be a future bodily resurrection of the dead. Those who repent and trust in Jesus Christ will be raised to eternal life. Those who do not repent and trust in Jesus Christ will be raised to eternal punishment.

To see the entirety Parkside Bible Church's Constitution and By-Laws, click here

Parkside's Affiliations

While our church has no denominational affiliation, we align with the beliefs of these organizations.

  • The Gospel Coalition

    "We are a fellowship of evangelical churches in the Reformed tradition deeply committed to renewing our faith in the gospel of Christ and to reforming our ministry practices to conform fully to the Scriptures. The Gospel Coalition supports the church by providing resources that are trusted and timely, winsome and wise, and centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ." -From TCG Website.

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  • 9Marks

    "At 9Marks, we help pastors, future pastors, and church members see what a biblical church looks like, and to take practical steps for becoming one. Our goal is to see churches characterized by nine biblical marks of a healthy church. Why these nine? Because sadly, they’re too often assumed or ignored in evangelical churches." 

    --From the 9Marks website

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