Summer Book Club - 2024

Welcome to our first Summer Book Club!  

We invite you to come join us as we read some great books and fellowship together. Different than a traditional book club, we will only meet ONCE. You will have 4 books to choose from led by 4 different women on 4 different dates. Then you get a full month and a half to choose, purchase, and read the ONE book of your choice. At the date you selected, you will get together with other women who have chosen the same book and spend some time fellowshipping and discussing your book. This is a great opportunity to be intentional with your personal growth in Christ, as well as growing through relationships with your fellow sisters at Parkside. We're looking forward to a great time together!

Confused? Watch this video!

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  • Book: This is the amazing story of Darlene Deibler Rose's journey through a Japanese prison camp where she was interned while serving as a missionary in New Guinea during World War 2. Purchase in the Parkside Bookstore or online here.

    Meeting:  Susan Cook will host a group for brunch on June 22nd, 10am-12pm.

  • Book: A historical biography that traces the friendship between famous English preacher Charles Spurgeon and former American slave turned preacher, Thomas Johnson. Purchase in the Parkside Bookstore or online here.

    Meeting: Mariah Snyder will host a group for a firepit on June 27th, 8pm-10pm.

  • Book: This book has two parts. The first is a theological treatment of emotions, then the second is the application of those biblical truths to our emotions. Purchase in the Parkside Bookstore or online here.

    Meeting: Cheryl Robinson will host a group for a dessert night on June 29th, 7-9pm.

  • Book: This book addresses biblical friendship through many modern challenges to help orient our friendships towards purposeful relationships. Purchase in the Parkside Bookstore or online here.

    Meeting: Liz Phillips will host a group for a brunch on June 29th, 10am-12pm.

Women's Ministry

Women’s ministry seeks to see ladies discipled and discipling one another into Christlikeness, and to be a safe entry point in the local church for women to meet Jesus. The heartbeat of women’s ministry at Parkside is Bible study. The Bible reveals the gospel of Jesus to us. In Him, we are reconciled to God and transformed. Women’s ministry will focus on training women to actively study the Bible on their own and with other women. We will work to make Bible studies a normative place for women to bring others who do not yet trust Christ. Women’s ministry will create practical ways for older and younger women to connect for mutual discipleship and care. Throughout the Bible, we are commanded to teach the truths of God across generations. Our desire is to see women discipled into saving faith, then onto mature faith.